Marije Bijl

Marije Bijl is a Dutch artist. A storytelling artist, or so she has been called. Our world is made of tales, we make our identities with them, try to find our place within them.

The stories and identities that she draws or paints are fragmented, hovering between realistic and abstract, as if built up of stories that are haphazard, disconnected, not what they seem. Different pieces and different colours that sometimes only just and sometimes no more fit together, paint and ink that try to build up identities just like we construct them masks that could be truths, symbols that could be philosophies, paint that could be flesh, lines that could be thoughts. Or rifts. Or forgotten distortions.

Marije Bijl currently travels the world following her spouse, and has exhibited in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, China, the USA and now Canada.

Selected Artworks