Vernissage: Mon, Dec 10, 2012, 6 to 9 pm

Exhibition continues Dec 11 to 16, 11am to 6 pm


“In English the word void denotes an unused place, but also an unoccupied space. In practical usage, void is an occasional notion: a place, once occupied, was at some moment emptied, but soon it will be occupied again. Like on a plane, a train or a tramway: one person gets off and another gets on.” Anda Rottenberg, Art Historian and Curator

Guest artist Birgitta Godlund from Sweden and EBA artists, Sarah Anderson, Heidi Conrod, Kenneth Emig, Juliana McDonald, Marika Jemma, Gayle Kells, Bozica Radjenovic, Carl Stewart, Sally Lee Sheeks, Svetlana Swinimer, Tavi Weisz, and Joyce Westrop, invite you to share their void in this exhibition at the Enriched Bread Artists Gallery.

Birgitta Godlund who lived and worked in Africa (mostly), Asia and the Middle East is naturally interested in issues of identity versus environment. Subjective and emotionally-charged feminist messages are angled with humour. The artist likes to evoke associations and engage the onlooker by pieces of mirror or painted glass, or by encouraging graffiti and comments in conceptual installations. Collages or collage-like paintings with fragments of landscapes or vegetation structures become psychological extensions of reality, especially when paired with human figures, objects, scrap and debris. The artist’s personal imagery is a conscious balance between simplified outline drawing and colour strokes/splashes in definite planes. The flowing technique dates back to the Chinese calligraphy she learned in the Far East. Saturated colours and the graphic shapes are part of her African luggage. Since 2008, Birgitta Godlund lives in Skåne, South Sweden.

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