Doors Open 2018

This year, we have two exhibitions for Doors Open: Innovative Printmaking + Unscripted Drawings.

Innovative Printmaking: Exploring Techniques, Scales, and Subjects Curated by Pat Durr

Printmaking in recent years has greatly broadened its technical explorations. While many artist printmakers still use the classic processes and produce beautiful editions, others are exploring new and original techniques and innovations in presentation. Artists are producing varied editions, extraordinarily large unique single images, mixed media prints, and three-dimensional imagery with or without a press.

ARTISTS Pat Durr, Robert Hinchley, Gayle Kells, Bozica Radjenovic Mana Rouholamini, Katrin Smith, Svetlana Swinimer, Joyce Westrop, and Russell Yuristy.

Vernissage: Fri, Jun 1, 6 – 9pm Jun 2 & 3rd, 10am – 4pm Jun 9 & 10, 11am – 5pm

Unscripted A drawing exhibit curated by artist Tami Galili

The drawing show “Unscripted” is a collection of large heterogeneous drawings from 15 diverse artists, all women from the Ottawa community including: Gail Bourgeois, Bryna Cohen, Lynda Cronin, Kathryn Ehret, Tami Galili, Jean Jewer, Veronika Holcová, Jenny McMaster, Bozicia Radjenovic, Uta Riccius, Erin Robertson, Manna Rouholamini, Joyce Westrop, Carla Whiteside, Yvonne Wiegers.

Vernissage: Fri, Jun 01, 6-9pm. The exhibit continues: Sat & Sun Jun 02 & 03 10am-4pm Jun 09 & 10, 10am-4pm Enriched Bread Artists Studios (EBA) – first floor.

About Unscripted: The domain of drawing is a rich language of personal expression, it is an organic process that fully engages the senses, and can be an essential component of an artist’s work. Drawing is a fundamental way to experiment with spontaneous marking, fragmented ideas and a wide array of materials. In contemporary times, it is a discipline which serves less as a study-tool for painting or sculpting, and more so on its own as a complete work of art. This exhibit, Unscripted, is comprised of large heterogeneous drawings from 15 diverse women artists. The drawings are hung uninhibited by the constraints of a frame, inviting an ongoing dialogue. Marked by immediacy and guided by inner logic, Unscripted borrows a page from the intimate world of each individual artist. Enriched Bread Artists (EBA) is a collective of diverse Ottawa artist located in a former bread factory. Originally formed in 1992 by graduates of the University of Ottawa, EBA is today the biggest artist studio co-op building in the Ottawa region. Artists in the collective show their work locally, nationally and internationally.

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