2019 EBA at Little Berlin

In 2018 Enriched Bread Artists reached out to Little Berlin, an artist run alliance located in Philadelphia, to organize a curational exchange. 13 EBA artists had been communicating and sharing their work with the members of Little Berlin during 2019. After discussing and investigating the EBA artists’ bodies of work, members of Little Berlin selected common threads and themes such as memory, natural forms, manipulation of material, and physical intimacy, to curate an exhibition presenting the variety of the artists of EBA

In August 2019 Enriched Bread Artists held a show at the Little Berlin gallery space.

Participating Artists were: Colette Gréco-Riddle, Sayward Johnson, Gayle Kells, Juliana McDonald, Jenny McMaster, Valerie Noftle, Bozica Radjenovic, Mana Rouholamini, Carl Stewart, Svetlana Swinimer, Tavi Weisz, Joyce Westrop and Yvonne Wiegers

Thanks goes to Tavi for having initiated this exchange.