2019 ASINABKA Film & Media Arts Festival: Matriarchs

EBA hosted Matriarchs as part of the 2019 Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival, Ottawa, Algonquin Territory.


Curated by Christopher Wong

Featuring Artists:
Natasha Keating + Asinnajaq

A woman who is the head of a family or tribe.
An woman who is powerful within a family or organization.
Synonyms: female ruler, mother, queen, head of the family, dignified woman, grande dame, ancestress

Natasha Keating (Maori) and Asinnajaq (Inuit) are both Indigenous artists creating strong, positive representations of women, restoring traditional arts, and telling stories that overcome stereotypes and celebrate their respective cultures in a way that empowers women.  Natasha’s work reclaims images of Maori women captured in mythology using recycled native wood, infusing imagery of traditional Tā moko (sacred tattoos) and native animals.  Asinnajaq’s work celebrates women through examining the Inuit practice of tunniit (traditional tattoos), and explores relationships with land, history, and culture in unique ways, by embracing traditions as well as concepts of Indigenous futurisms.  Although both artists reside on opposite sides of the world, they share a history of colonialism and resilience, a sense of beauty and mystery, which align their works across space and cultures. They meet once again to collaborate on this new exhibition that continues a dialogue that began in Aotearoa (New Zealand) in the summer of 2018.