In Remembrance of Jonathan Browns

Jonathan Browns 1961-2023

All of us at EBA are deeply saddened by the news of Jonathan Browns’ passing.

As one of the pioneering members of EBA, Jonathan helped shape our physical and creative growth. His mark can literally be seen on the second-floor ceiling where he customized his space to accommodate the demands of his paper-making practice.

Another facet of his work was his unique and powerful performances. Browns’ seminal performance of Archivist was performed at EBA’s first Open Studio (Meusili) where he referenced the holocaust and the Jewish diaspora of post-second World War Europe in a quiet, thoughtful way. Then in a change of pace, at EBA’s second Open Studio (Harvest), he turned his studio into part of an hour glass with flour pouring from the ceiling of our former bread factory.

His time at EBA was fleeting. After three years at EBA he went on to work at the Ottawa Art Gallery, the Canada Council Art Bank, and finally for over 20 years at the City of Ottawa Public Art Program. As the Collections Manager at the City of Ottawa, he showed his creativity, integrity, and great love for art.

We will miss seeing Jonathan at our EBA events.  His warmth and friendly smile always brightened our space.

Our hearts go out to Cindy Stelmackowich, Jonathan’s life-partner and best friend for over 30 years.