In Remembrance of Maureen Sandrock

Maureen Sandrock 1942 – 2023

We were deeply saddened by the passing of Maureen Sandrock earlier this year. Maureen was an active member of EBA from 2001-2004 and remained a frequent visitor thereafter. She will be remembered here for her unending energy and good humour.

Maureen Sandrock obtained her science education from the University of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. After 25 years of acute nursing, she graduated from the Ottawa School of Art in 1997. Since graduating she has exhibited at 101, SAW Gallery, OSA, EBA, Blink, Santiago Chile, Mexico City, Florida, Carleton University, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. She received a Canada Council Grant for the purpose of transferring scientific information about DNA, genetic manipulation, and cloning into visual data.

“THE ESSENCE OF LIFE IS A HEART BEAT.” Maureen Sandrock, 2011

Obituary and Funeral Information


Donated by Maureen Sandrock to EBA on the occasion of our 25th anniversary, 2017.