Jenny McMaster

Jenny McMaster uses fibres, sculpture, animation, and sound to create immersive environments and idiosyncratic performances. She is known for her exploration of the subjects of food, conversation, and festivity. Her recent works have investigated the topics of animality and ecology.

Her master’s thesis exhibition Hare’s Choice involved a tactile yet otherworldly portrayal of the hare’s environment using paper pulp, and other fibres. Sculptures of tree limbs, roots, and ear like fungus were complimented by animations of mycelium and rhizomatic growths. In the fall she will perform How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Beuys at SAW Gallery. Dressed as the infamous dead hare, she will interrogate portrayals of animals in western art and philosophy.

Jenny joined the EBA in 2013. She has exhibited at Espace Pierre-Debain, the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Blink Gallery, City Hall Gallery, the OAG, Centrepointe Theatre Gallery, and the Ottawa School of Art. She has been purchased by the City of Ottawa. She has also shown her work at the Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, Gallery 1313, Engine Gallery, and AWOL.